Our House and Neighborhood
Home Sweet Home

We currently live in Georgia where Vida is stationed at the nearby Air Force base. We live in a very nice suburb with rolling hills with plenty of trees, birds, and even a few deer running around. The neighborhood is small and pretty quiet, but you can always find kids playing outside, riding their bikes or skateboards. We look forward to teaching our child to ride a bike through the neighborhood. Also, there are some peaceful and tranquil trails nearby where we look forward to long walks as a family.

Our house has 3 bedrooms and a bonus room above the garage. We currently use that room as a gym where we work out at least 3-4 times a week. Our favorite part of the house is the family room and kitchen combination. The kitchen is open to the family room and is great for having guests over and keeping an eye on the little ones. The space combines two of the things we love most: cooking good food and watching sports/movies on the big-screen television.

We envision cooking meals together as a family, and settling in on the giant couch after dinner to watch a movie or game. We also have a screened in porch in the back patio, keeping us protected from bugs while we eat breakfast or dinner outside. Our backyard is completely private as it backs up to a small wooded area. Our home is a great place for a child to grow up in and we can’t wait for a child’s laughter to fill the halls.

Our Extended Families
Blake's Family

Blake comes from a somewhat small family. His Mom, Dad, and sister currently live in Chesapeake, VA. We typically visit them at Christmas time because his family really gets into the Christmas/Holiday spirit. Whenever we're around, there's always great food to be had. Normally we'll watch some football games together, play board games, and Blake and his dad will go play a little golf if the weather is nice. We also enjoy going down to the local YMCA together and working up a sweat in the gym. Blake's parents were deliriously happy at the idea of becoming grandparents. They plan to relocate near us to help with raising the child.

Vida's Family

Vida comes from a larger family. She has two brothers, one sister, and numerous aunts, uncles, and cousins. Vida grew up with at least 2-5 households full of extended family nearby. Vida's mother now lives with Vida's oldest sister since her father past away in 2010. All Vida's brothers and sisters have 2-3 kids. We typically visit her family at Thanksgiving in California, because they can cook like you wouldn't believe. We usually watch some football, try to keep up with the kids during the day playing outside, and the adults playing cards at night. The family is a light-hearted group of jokesters, and they never forget family is most important.

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