Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We live in a very quiet neighborhood with many families. Our new house is situated on a street with hardly any traffic and the neighbors kids play there all the time. We have a large backyard with new grass and we're currently planting shrubs and flowers and we'll be building a fence soon. Our house has four bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The nursery is already furnished and we bought all the items and clothes a baby needs.

We live in a diverse neighborhood with many military families. The community is very family friendly. There is an elementary school and a playground just around the corner. There are many friendly people willing to go out of their way to help. 5 minutes from our house is a park where our community holds an annual fair with lots of rides for children and even a farmer's market twice a week.

Our favorite event is the 4th of July celebration on the Air Base where we meet up with all our friends to watch the fireworks. Besides that we love Halloween! Our house will be decorated and we (even our dog Toffee) will be all dressed up, ready to hand out tons of candy to the kids.

Our Extended Families
Heike's Parents

Heike's family lives in Germany in a county named "Rheinland-Pfalz." It's a really unique area in Europe and goes by the nickname "Tuscany of Germany" because of the wine they grow there and the many days of sunshine it receives just like the Tuscany in Italy. Frank's family lives in Florida but is originally from New York City. Moving to the south was a big culture shock but was totally worth the change of weather.

Francisco's Parents

Our family is very close knit and we take care of each other. Heike's sister and 2 cousins love hanging out with us. One of our favorite German traditions is "grandchildren day" when we all meet at our granny's house and cook dinner for her. Heike's cousin usually brings his 2-year-old along. She's granny's only great grandchild at the moment and she can't wait for the new addition!

Here in the states, we always hang out at Frank's brother's house the most. He has 5 kids and we love getting into NERF fights with them! Frank's daughters are always the leaders because they are the oldest. Although we miss the German part of our family we are happy to be back in Florida. All of our family members know about our adoption plans and couldn't be any happier. They can't wait to meet the new baby!

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