Our Extended Families
Bonnie & Her Four Brothers

Our families are very excited to welcome a new member of the family and to see us become parents. We are also excited to see Paul's parents become grandparents for the first time!

Paul's Side of the Family

We are lucky to live by lots of family. We gather each week with Paul's siblings and parents and cook together and eat and visit. His parents live close by and we often ride our bikes to their house. They also have horses and an awesome pool! There are no kids yet on that side so we are excited to be the first!

We always gather for holidays and events with Bonnie's family and her four brothers. We are close as siblings and always have a blast! We spend lots of time Bonnie's brother, Chris and his family. They live close and we get to spend lots of time with our nieces. We are excited to have this child grow up with cousins nearby.

Everyone is so supportive of our adoption plan. They look forward to being part of this child's life and cannot wait to meet him or her!

Our House and Neighborhood
We Love Our Home!

We really love our home and love spending time here. It is one of the historic homes in our area being built in 1900. It has tall ceilings and original wood floors. It has big rooms, but it still feels cozy and home-like. Our nursery is a large room with big windows. It has its own bathroom attached with an original claw foot bathtub. Bonnie has recently remodeled it. We live on an acre of land with lots and lots of mature trees. We love our yard- it feels like a sanctuary. We have our small chicken coop in the back so we have chickens pecking around in the shaded backyard and it's just lovely! We also love our city here in Louisiana. It is a small suburb of a bigger city so we have the small town feel, but with a short drive to get "into town." Our small town is full of art and great food and festivals. Our local Mardi Gras parade passes right in front of our house each year and that is always a blast. We have lots of friends and family over and it's always a great day!

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