Our House and Neighborhood
A Springtime View of Our Home

Our community is an amazing place to live. We are in the heart of the Ozarks and so surrounded by literally hundreds of acres of gorgeous green spaces and thousands of miles of hiking trails and canoeing rivers. Despite the rural setting, Fayetteville is a very progressive community. We were just nationally ranked in the top five best cities to live in the U.S. We have great free community parks, swimming pools, athletic centres, and ice skating rinks. We have a vibrant, diverse community that works hard to support entrepreneurship and is always excited to back any local (new or old) wanting to add great things to our community.

Our house is seated on five acres and we have built it up to be a small hobby farm with miniature horses, chickens, ducks, cows, and a couple of barn cats. The pasture is on a hill that is just perfect for sledding when we get our one real snow per year. Our house has four bedrooms, an office, and a giant family kitchen that is just dying to be filled with baked goods for little hands! The house is all electric and we are working to get a portion of the property outfitted with solar panels to power it and use to raise community awareness.

Our neighbors have 12 grandchildren of all ages and there is a great neighborhood two minutes down the road with many young families. We are ready to fill our home with laughing little voices.

Our Extended Families
With Kassie's Family

Kassie comes from a large family with three younger sisters and an older brother. A sister (Maddie) and brother (Tyler) live within a few miles of us and Allie and Sammie are less than three hours away in her hometown with their children. We are always able to gather for holidays and family birthdays, so this baby will be surrounded by extended family from day one! Our niece, Lucy, is getting old enough to join groups and teams; we love making the trek down to see her peewee soccer matches and ninja level placement tests.

Doug & His Mom in Paris

Doug’s family all lives in Great Britain. It is definitely difficult not getting to see them as often as we’d like, but technology is a great help. We love getting to FaceTime with our nephew, Phillip. Nothing makes you smile like a 2-year-old with a British accent! Though we don’t get to see Doug’s family as often as we would like, we do make sure to see them all regularly. We meet up with James (brother), Claire (sister-in-law), and Phillip all over the world, which is so much fun! Last year we met with them in the Netherlands (Phillip loves the windmills) and in Austria. For Christmas we took Doug’s mother to Paris. It’s never enough time together, but we make the most of it with great adventures and lifelong memories!

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