Our Extended Families
Beach Time with Our Nephew

We’re very close with our siblings. Cheryl’s sister, Courtney, is a first grade teacher and lives with her husband a half hour away. Cheryl’s youngest sister, Brittany, and her husband live less than two hours away. We get together for dinners and long weekend visits often! At least twice a year we take special day trips with them – on a recent birthday we took a river cruise, and saw wildlife, for example.

The rest of our extended family lives further away in the northeast and the Washington DC area, but we trade visits a few times a year. We have 3 nephews and a niece aged 2-7 right now. One nephew has been asking us for a cousin since he was little and almost literally bounced his head off the ceiling when we told him we were going to adopt! All four of our parents are looking forward to more grandchildren!

Reading with Our Niece

We try to make lots of adventures with our families. In summer we go hiking, camping, fishing or just hit a beach and test out the local fish fry! In the winter we like to go ice-skating, skiing, ice fishing, or if it is too snowy just get cozy and watch Netflix. Basically we just like to find fun ways to include them in the things we like to do. We both love to cook and bake and having a little helper in the kitchen is a great way to spend time together and warm up the house in winter!

Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

Our part of Maine has a long history of fishing and boat building that continues to the present. Wild blueberries and lobster are a big part of the economy and our identity in this area. It is also an area known for its natural beauty and we get plenty of summer tourists. There are enough beaches, coastline and interesting and beautiful destinations within a couple hours’ drive to keep you busy for a lifetime!

Our Back Patio

Despite all that, we only have one stoplight downtown and we can safely leave our doors unlocked. We can walk to the town center in five minutes. We have great schools right close to the center of town and a town park with a large free public pool. We also have a YMCA that is the place to see and be seen, so swimming is popular in the winter too.

Our house is very energy efficient and people always comment on how comfortable it is – we are lucky to have a one-of-a-kind home that was designed by a couple who thought a lot about “the flow of life”. There is a large upstairs deck that has a glimpse of the bay. There is a lot of space for roughhousing and we might consider allowing an indoor swing someday.

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