Our House and Neighborhood
Our Cozy Home

We live in a very culturally diverse neighborhood. There are many families in the surrounding area with other children that are always out playing basketball or riding bicycles. The community is always hosting some event open to the public: Mardi Gras parades, omelet festival, cracklin' cook-offs, herb and garden festivals, an annual town fair, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas in the park, and much more. There's a neighborhood park nearby with a playground and picnic area. We also have a state park nearby that we enjoy going to for camping, picnics, hiking, fishing, and canoeing.

Our home is a two bedroom, two and a half bath home with two living rooms. One of the living rooms has become the family game room/playroom. Our yard is spacious for a growing child to play soccer, football, or chase. We also have a camper, which is our home away from home. We enjoy camping locally, as well as taking long weekend trips to the beach.

Our Extended Families
Melanie's Family

Melanie's family lives close by, and we get to see them often. Melanie has two siblings and three nieces/nephews. When we're together, we like to play family games such as yard games, Wii bowling tournaments, or cards. Extended family and close family friends are always around to help celebrate loved ones birthdays or holidays. We have monthly birthday gatherings to celebrate any birthdays of that month with lots of food, games, and fun. For major holidays, we have many on-going traditions such as bake day where we make 10-15 different holiday treats for visitors to enjoy, as well as egg hunts, or cookouts just to name a few.

Joel's Family

Joel's family lives a little farther away, about a 6 hour car ride. Joel has three siblings and six nieces/nephews. We don't get to see them nearly as often as we would like to. However, when we are together, it's always a good time. We go to the farm to ride 4-wheelers or horses, we swim in their pool, go shopping, watch sports games and more. We travel to see them every other Christmas and sometimes get to enjoy a white Christmas. For football games, there's always a large lunch/treat spread to enjoy throughout the day.

Both families are excited to welcome a new baby into the family. They look forward to teaching this child our family traditions and backgrounds as well as making many new memories and traditions.

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