Our House and Neighborhood
Home Sweet Home

We live in Louisiana in a beautiful gated community outside of our city's limits. One of the greatest benefits of our neighborhood is that it houses many military families which only helps to strengthen our neighborly bond. Our neighborhood is full of children of all ages. Our next door neighbors and our neighbors across the street all have children under the age of 10. Even though we don't have a club house in our neighborhood it hasn't stopped our neighbors from getting together and doing block parities every summer. It is an idyllic place for kids to run around, play, and just be themselves in a safe and protected environment. Our home has three and a half bedrooms and two bathrooms with a separate laundry room adjacent to our two car garage. The half room serves as our office and has a built in desk and cabinets. It is only considered a half room because it doesn't have a closet in it. We have an open floor plan house that allows us to interact with each other and guest on a more personal level and a fenced in back yard that is perfect for playing and running around in. One of our favorite things about our house is how open and full of light it is. We both love having natural light shine in. We are very excited to bring our child home and share our love for our home and neighborhood with them.

Our Extended Families
Erin's Family

Family is by far one of the most important things to us. We are very blessed to have amazing faith driven extended families that are just as excited to pour out their love and support to our child as we are. Erin's parents, her older brother and his wife live here in town with us and we are an extremely tight knit family. We not only spend holidays together, but we also have dinner together twice a week to make sure that we stay as connected as possible. To say Erin's parents are excited to add a grandchild to their lives is a gross understatement. They have so much love to give and their support for us in this adoption has been unwavering, just like their support for us in everything that we do. Even though Andy's family is far away we still make every effort to get together at least once if not twice a year. Andy and his younger brother Kevin share an incredible bond. Not only do they make every effort to talk daily but they share many of the same passions. One of which is half marathon running and training. It is usually at a half marathon that we meet up with Kevin, his wife Kaiti and their beautiful six year old daughter Kora. Kora is especially excited to have a cousin to play with and to take to Disney World. She is more than ready to teach her new cousin all she knows.

Andy's Family in Disneyland

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