Our House and Neighborhood
Home Sweet Home

Our home is a townhome in a diverse and charming waterfront city in Maryland. We have a happy home ready to be filled with more children and a backyard where our son, Sam, and daughter, Isabel, play fetch with our sweet dog, Rosie. We enjoy gardening, grilling, and growing a small vegetable garden. We spend most summer afternoons in the patio with the sprinklers on for the kids to splash and chicken on the grill to enjoy!

Our Home is Right Along the Bay

Our neighborhood is full of families with kids and dogs and has three beautiful parks and playgrounds. Our favorite activity is walking along the water and playing outside with Sam and Isabel. When we get a large snowstorm, the first thing we do is run to the park to build a snowman! Every Sunday, we walk three blocks to our Catholic church, which also has a community Catholic school where we take Sam for preschool. The school has children of all races, as well as children who are adopted. We walk him to school as a family every morning, and it’s our favorite way to start the day!

Our Extended Families
Ashley & Her Sisters

Ashley is the oldest of four girls, and her three sisters are her best friends. Like the sisters in “Little Women,” there is much laughter, singing, and even some mischief when they are all together! Every Christmas, even though they are all grown-up, her youngest sister Francesca still buys all of the girls matching Christmas pajamas. Some years the result is so ridiculous that they spend all night crying from laughing so hard!

Three Generations!

Simon and his older brother have been best friends since they were little, and you can’t get them to stop talking about cars when they’re together. Simon’s extended family is huge, and family gatherings are filled with children and games. All of the cousins in both families save the “fun” activities for us when we come to visit. We go to the zoo as a family every year, play ball outdoors, and have board game tournaments. We can’t imagine our lives without our siblings and have always dreamed of having a large family ourselves. We cannot wait to have a new brother or sister for our son, Sam, and daughter, Isabel!

We are very close with our families. Our parents taught us that family is the most important thing; friends may come and go, but your family is forever. We make it a priority to talk with them every day and see them often. Every one of our family members has a deep respect for adoption and could not be more thrilled that we are adopting again!

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