Our House and Neighborhood
Our Cozy Home

We live in a suburb outside of a southeastern city in a friendly neighborhood. We chose our home because it is close to family and it is perfect for hosting events. In our home, we enjoy spending most of our time in the kitchen for family dinners together or hanging out in the playroom with our son. Almost every afternoon you can look out our front window and see kids riding their bikes and playing ball in the cul-de-sac. We live within walking distance to three parks as well as the neighborhood library, pool, and elementary school. On a typical day, we enjoy playing in the backyard, taking our dog Penny for a walk, and taking our son to the playground. Our neighborhood is very lively with many traditions and even has a weekly farmers market. Our favorite tradition happens on Halloween when there are friends sitting around fire pits, haunted houses, and even movie screenings in our neighbor’s front yards. In addition to all of the wonderful amenities close by, we live close enough to the beach and mountains to make an easy weekend trip to either.

Our Extended Families
Deidra with Her Mom and Grandparents

We are both blessed with incredible parents who live close by. Grandma and PawPaw love dancing, working on the train layout, and playing games with their three grandkids. MiMi and PawPaw Rick enjoy tending to the farm animals and making sugar cookies together in the kitchen with their eight grandchildren. Paw and Di love playing the guitar, fishing, and riding in the pontoon boat with their grandson.

We are also very involved with our extended families as well. Deidra is an only child but has a large and continuously growing extended family who get together often for a holiday or birthday celebration. We are a very active family so when we are together there are always children running around and outdoor activities going on like volleyball and beanbag toss. We relax in between games to enjoy some food off the grill followed by some traditional homemade ice-cream!

Christmas with Josh's Family

Josh’s family is smaller but just as loud and fun. As a family, we love spending time at the lake together. There is typically music playing and people dancing when we get together. We also like to play board games and video games for some family fun. Overall, we have a very supportive family who are all so excited in the hopes of adding a new family member to our lives through adoption!

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