Our Extended Families
J.T.'s Parents with Wyatt at One of His Dad's Basketball Games

We are blessed to have the encouraging, loving extended family that we share. Both of our families have watched us struggle with miscarriages and infertility, and are very supportive of our adoption plan.

J.T.'s parents, Jim & Bonnie, or 'Grammy & Poppa' as they like to be called, are devoted grandparents to our son and are always glad to help us when needed. We are lucky to have them live just a few minutes from us. They love taking our son Wyatt to McDonald's when he is spending time with them. J.T. has one sister, Susan, who is married with two young children.

Becky with Her Twin Brother, Rustin and Older Brother Ryan

Becky was raised in a large, close extended family. Her parents, Bob & Robin, still live in the home her Dad built in 1978. Grandma Robin is the ultimate "spoiler" of the grandkids and PawPaw Bob likes to share his love of music, hunting, and fishing with them. Becky's oldest brother, Ryan, is married with two awesome sons. They are loving and caring cousins to Wyatt and are excited about having another cousin. We always look forward to going to church and lunch every Sunday with our nephews and Becky's Mom. Becky's twin brother, Rustin, recently married and will be starting a family soon. We look forward to raising our little ones together! Becky's family has a large reunion every few years. The family bluegrass band plays at the reunion and we enjoy catching up with her many cousins and seeing all the kids make memories.

Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We live in a rural community in beautiful Southern Illinois. The community is lucky to have a spacious family park with playgrounds, a pond, athletic fields, and a community pool. The park hosts a spectacular Halloween trick-or-treating event that we enjoy taking our son to. Our town has a large festival every spring with a parade, carnival, and live concerts to celebrate the Italian heritage of our community.

The Bridge over the Fish Pond

We have lived in our quaint 3 bedroom home for 15 years. Becky has lovingly landscaped our yard with many bushes, trees, flowers, and plants. Our finished, full size basement is where J.T. enjoys relaxing and playing video games on his Playstation 4. Becky enjoys being in the kitchen baking goodies for family events or sitting in the main living room, cross-stitching in her oversized chair, with our Scottie dogs in her lap. Wyatt likes playing his Wii or creating race tracks for his Hot Wheel collection in the main living room. We have a lovely bedroom with a large window waiting to become a nursery for our adopted child.

Our quiet neighborhood is full of many friendly families, a few have young children. When the weather is nice, we like to visit with each other while our kids ride bikes or play basketball. During the Christmas season our neighborhood is full of beautifully decorated homes and yards. J.T. works hard hanging lights every year to make our home shine during the holidays.

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