Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We live in a golfing community with a small town feel in a quiet 4 bed/2 bath home. We live on a beautiful wooded cul-de-sac and we have great friends that live right next door. Our home backs up to acres of woods and has a big backyard that is great for chasing the dogs, playing ball and making s'mores in the fire pit. Our home is a fun place where there is always something going on; art projects at the dining room table, a huge train yard in the living room, a racetrack under the table, or the beginning of a Duplo castle. Add in two dogs to the mix and it’s always lively.

We live near an amazing park/trails system that is surrounded by forests and nature preserves with picnic areas, ducks to feed, a beautiful arboretum that is great for kite flying, and wonderful lakes for fishing! Our local area provides many exciting opportunities for children and families: libraries, Friday’s in the park – with live bands, food trucks and fireworks, mommy and me gymnastics, zoos, beaches, mountains & water sports. Our community center has an indoor pool along with all types of activities for kids of all ages.

We look forward to Will and his brother or sister doing these things TOGETHER—forever friends that share a bond and a lifetime of memories in a way only siblings can. We believe that by having a sibling, aunt and a father that are adopted will be a benefit to our whole family as we celebrate each one of their unique adoption stories. Having a big brother can give a child a lifelong best friend, a consistent playmate, and someone to learn from and look up to.

Our Extended Families
Three Generations

We feel so blessed to both come from loving and supportive homes. Our families have helped to give us a strong foundation by creating homes where we were cared for, provided for, and encouraged. Our upbringing has played a significant role in shaping our values and world view.

Megalodon Tooth!

In our family, there are lots of grandparents and aunts, uncles and cousins waiting for a child to love. We take lots of “field trips”; to the zoo to visit our friend Stretch the giraffe, our favorite park (where we made a deer friend), and we love to be outside to enjoy things like bubbles, sidewalk chalk, soccer and flying kites together. We all recently went to the mountains and stayed in a big cabin where we were on the lookout for wildlife right outside our door. We went gem mining where we discovered a Megalodon shark tooth and spent time playing in the pool and hiking around our cabin. The entire family had a great time and we really loved spending time together. Big family gatherings happen all to time to celebrate holidays or birthdays. Becky’s grandmother (Memaw) also loves seeing her grandchildren/great grandchildren (there are over 20). She still makes personalized Christmas ornaments every year for each grandchild at Christmas!

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