Our Extended Families
With Katy's Family

Family is one of the most important things to us and we have incredible families! We don't live in the same cities as our families but make it a priority to get together as much as possible. We've been grateful to share with them our desire to grow our family through adoption and they couldn't be more excited for us. They can't wait to meet this child!

Katy's family is quite large and we all tend to pile into one room and tell stories and laugh with one another. We also love to have new adventures and fun experiences together. Once a year we take a trip together as a family and have been to incredible places like Italy, Ireland, and Spain. There's never a shortage of hilarious stories to tell after these trips. When we gather together we also can be found running around Gran and Grandad's home playing games, swimming, and exploring outside.

With Andy's Family

Andy's family is only one generation off of the family farm. We're proud of our Midwestern roots, and love to work hard and reward ourselves with tasty home cooking! Some of our favorite family memories are around the family dinner table, reminiscing on the different seasons of life we've shared, and enjoying dishes and recipes that have endured for decades and across miles. As we've discovered, Grammy and Oompa are also pretty good at a little spoilin', with ice cream treats being especially popular.

Our House and Neighborhood
Home Sweet Home

We live in the Washington, DC metro area, where there are lots of young families all around, a fantastic park and playground right at the top of the block, and schools within walking distance. Our sidewalks are full of strollers, dogs being walked, kids on scooters or bouncing basketballs, or visitors to the nearby shopping and dining districts. Museums, markets, monuments, and historic sights are just minutes away, most by foot or bike. The neighbors try to outdo each other with decorations on Halloween, when the streets are filled with Trick or Treaters, and it's hard to beat DC for patriotic fireworks on the 4th of July.

Our home is a 104-year-old row house with tons of character and charm. Plus we manage to fill it with lots of love, laughter, and spontaneous dance parties in our kitchen! We try to eat a home cooked dinner every night, so the kitchen is probably the busiest room in the house. We have three bedrooms, and love to welcome visiting friends and family. Our home also has a small "bonus" room that we've converted to a play and art space for our daughter. It's cozy and just-the-right-size for wiggly little bodies with big imaginations.

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