Our Extended Families
Family Selfie

Our child will come into a large and loving family! Papa John and Mimi Linda (grandparents) live an hour away on a farm with alpacas, goats, sheep and chickens. We love to walk together up the field when we visit, and we race the dogs up the path. Nana Michele lives right down the road and has many creative projects to do, like knitting and water color painting. She is a great cook, and loves to make treats.

Dada Dipak and Abuela Ana Maria (grandparents) live in Boston and love visits. Ana Maria is a great host and cooks up a storm when we visit. They are very excited to have a new grandchild!

Family in the Philippines

Our child will already have 4 fun cousins, and likely more on the way. We look forward to getting a slip-and-slide and squirt guns for the hot summer days! In addition, they will have many family friends the same age. Every month we have a potluck; our child will join many infants and toddlers in the room.

We've both traveled quite a bit prior to having children, and though we will fly less when we have children, we anticipate having visits from people all over the world. While our children are young, they will learn about the world through these visitors, at the same time helping show our visitors the wonderful place in which we live!

Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We live in a small, historic New England town. New Hampshire is a great state to live in, with easy access to the beach, mountains, great restaurants and even a few theme parks. There are lots of festivals (Heritage, Seafood, farming/gardening, to name a few). Boston is also nearby and has theaters, sky scrapers, and big parks.

Our neighborhood is perfect for, and filled with, children. We are probably the only household without kids yet. Our neighbors are very excited about our adoption plan. Aside from being great socially, the neighborhood is also very safe - there are always eyes on the street and people are careful to not drive too fast. Just behind our house are miles of trails on protected land. We love being back there, and we know our kids will too!

Our house is beautiful (yes, we are very house-proud!). We have a den for "family time" (watching TV or movies with our dog Molly), a nice sunny living room, a dining room (which is really a game room), and a back yard good for play and grilling. There is plenty of room for a kid to grow in!

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