Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We live in Pennsylvania in a two-story, five-bedroom house with a large fenced in back yard and a great play set that our son, Eli adores! We are close enough to downtown to easily enjoy the city's attractions, but far enough outside to enjoy plenty of open space. Our neighborhood is safe and family friendly and is in a highly ranked school district. We chose our home because we knew it would be a great place to raise a family.

During the summer months, kids ride their bikes until the sun goes down and there are movies in the park where families gather on blankets under the stars. We enjoy living in a quiet suburb but still having the benefits of a quick drive to a fantastic and diverse city. We both work in the city and find ourselves traveling back downtown on weekends with our son to ride the city bike paths, attend sporting events, visit the children's museum or enjoy dinner and a concert. There are many surrounding parks that offer great hiking, biking trails, playsets and pools. In the winter there are ski resorts nearby that offer a fun day of winter activities! We are so excited to raise another child to have the same love of our city!

Our Extended Families

We both come from loving and supportive families who all love spending time together! Our parents are so excited for our growing family, and our family and friends look forward to welcoming a new baby as well. We have a close group of friends with lots of children who play an important part in our lives.

Memorial Day With Family

Marybeth's parents live nearby and cannot wait to start spoiling another grandchild! Marybeth's brother and his wife have a young daughter and son that are some of our son's most favorite playmates; it is so much fun watching them grow up and experiencing life's wonderful adventures together. We frequently travel to spend time with Jeff's parents in Tennessee. They are very active and love traveling and exploring new places with us.

Our family loves to travel. We love laughing and playing all types of games with our family and friends. Playing sports was also a big part of our lives growing up and we look forward to getting outdoors and playing with our new child as they grow.

Our families are both extremely supportive of our plan to adopt again. Any child that comes into our family will be loved unconditionally by a very large group of people who are excited to share old traditions and new adventures. They will also have an amazing older brother to help along the way.

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