Our Extended Families
Family Gathering in Florida

We are both very close with our extended families. Although many live in Florida, they travel to visit us and we travel often to see them.

When visiting Tara’s family, we are fortunate to be able to walk to the beach or swim in the pool. We also go boating, enjoying the mangrove trees and wind in our faces. If we are lucky, dolphins or manatees will swim next to the boat, and it makes for a memorable adventure for all! Tara’s Dad is always happy to let the little ones pretend to drive the boat, while he keeps a watchful eye. Most of Tara’s nephews and nieces are young adults and enjoy spending their time playing with the twins.

Hibachi Grill with Grandma and Grandpa

Mike’s family lives in central Florida. We have great experiences of taking them to the community playground and pool. His brother works for Disney, so we have been lucky to visit many of the theme parks. Jade loved meeting Tinkerbell and Jack was excited to go on a mission with Buzz Lightyear.

We recently took a trip to Mexico to attend Mike’s cousin’s wedding. We were able to spend time with his family. We went on a large catamaran boat, walked on the beach, and visited historic ruins. Jonathan, Tara’s nephew, joined us to help watch the kids and enjoy some fun time in the sun with family.

Our extended family is excited we are pursuing adoption and all are anxiously waiting to welcome another member to our growing families.

Our House and Neighborhood
Home Sweet Home

We have lived in a Washington, DC suburb for 10 years now, near the Shenandoah Mountains. Both offer unique sites and venues for fun and educational get-a-ways. This includes visiting museums, monuments, skiing, and hiking.

Our neighborhood is a diverse community filled with activities for young children. Many of our weekends are spent enjoying the swimming pools, multiple nature trails for walking and biking, wetlands, playgrounds, organized sports and community events.

The neighborhood also has decorating contests at Halloween. We go all-out covering the houses with ghosts, lights, and spookiness! We make sure the kids are comfortable with the decorations and aren’t too scared. The kids get excited about decorating the house; they especially like the jumping bug. Mike is very proud we have won the contest 2 years in a row! But what’s a well-decorated house without terrific costumes? As a family, we have dressed up like the Flintstones and our favorite Star Wars characters. Planning for this holiday brings the family together.

We bought our house with the intention of growing a family. One of our favorite rooms is the nursery. The mural on the wall was painted with love by the twins’ grandma, complete with a giraffe, toucans, and monkeys. The twins have moved into their own bedrooms, but we still use it to read them books every night (it has the most comfortable chair in the house!). We are very excited to share this cozy and happy space with a new addition to our family.

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