Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

Our suburban community is filled with older homes with lots of character built closely together in a city-style neighborhood. The sidewalks and close layout bring a community feel, and our street is especially known throughout town for being welcoming and fun. Families of all ages live close by, from young professionals with children to retired couples. Neighbors take turns hosting summer picnics and holiday parties, and help each other with chores and childcare.

A short walk from our home are some of our favorite restaurants, shops, parks, and our church. Children can walk to the schools, which are always among the top in Pennsylvania. Our community will offer your child a safe place to meet new friends, learn, and explore.

Our red brick home is bright and cozy, with a wonderful backyard. We love using the space to host picnics, garden, play, and have bonfires with s’mores! In nice weather, we enjoy meals on our porch, which overlooks the neighborhoods in the nearby valley. We sit on the porch as a family to watch sunsets and storms in the distance and catch up with each other or with friends.

Our home is made most special by the many family members and close friends within a 15 minute drive. We’re blessed to have a tremendous support system nearby, with people popping over to lend a hand or just take a walk around the block. Your child will be warmly welcomed, cared for, and loved by this amazing crew!

Our Extended Families
Greg's Family

Greg is the youngest of three boys, and we love spending time with their families and Greg’s parents - Pappap and Grandma love having a full house! Our visits are centered around big family meals, particularly holiday dinners and early morning breakfasts. Greg’s mom loves baking with her three grandkids. Our niece and nephew adore spending time with their cousin, Shaniah, and with our dog, Penny. We often have sleepovers when everyone is in town so they can spend extra time playing together!

Sarah's Family

Sarah is the oldest of three siblings, and she and her brother and sister are very close. We recently got to welcome our new nephew into Sarah’s family, and Shaniah loves being the big cousin! Sarah’s family loves being active together, especially walking, hiking, or playing catch. At the end of a fun-filled day, our favorite activities include playing board games or unwinding at the local ice cream shop.

Together, our favorite yearly tradition is hosting Thanksgiving for both families, including aunts, uncles, and cousins. It’s been exciting to add new members over the years and watch everyone enjoy each other’s company. Adding a new baby to join our celebrations will make everyone so happy!

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