Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

Here in rural Nebraska, we celebrate all four seasons, and it's amazing! Your child can know the crunch of Fall leaves beneath their feet, the taste of a Winter's snowflake on their tongue, the smell of a Spring rainstorm, and the flicker of fireflies on a warm Summer's night! We feel safe here, and we want this child to know the same joys of childhood that we did growing up. Our puppies, Simon and Maxwell, are our gentle companions and make us popular with all the kids in our neighborhood. We have supportive neighbors with kids, and a wonderful church family, and since Adam coaches high school wrestling, we have many friends in the community's school system.

We live in a quaint, tree-filled college town, with access to a river and nature preserve. Our town boasts a natural history museum with a planetarium and IMAX theatre, a waterpark, and a nature barn for kids. Our historic and artsy downtown hosts a Christmas tree lighting, Halloween parade, art in the park, and live music. We live blocks from the beautiful college campus where Camille works, and a park with a playground/splash pad, walk/bike path, and pond for feeding ducks. We own a lovely 3-bedroom, 1-1/2 bath ranch-style house on a corner property. Our kitchen, enclosed patio and backyard are where our family and friends gather for food and fun. Our downstairs game room is where we end up playing ping pong and pool, or watching college football.

Our Extended Families
Camille's Family

We believe in family, faith, and lots of love! Our entire family lives in Nebraska and we're a close-knit, Christian family who get together often, so this child would be welcomed with open arms. Camille's parents live nearby, and this would be their first grandchild after many years of waiting. Adam's parents live close by as well, and babysit their ten grandchildren regularly. Our parents have been married 50 and 45 years and have shown us all the meaning of commitment to each other and to the Lord. Camille's family loves the outdoors. Camping, exploring, model airplane flying and stargazing with telescopes are all favorites. Adam is a twin and one of five brothers. He comes from a long line of high school wrestlers, so his family follows college/high school wrestling and plays sports with the kids at family barbecues. Living in rural America allows our nieces and nephews the chance to do activities children in bigger cities wouldn't necessarily have access to. Adam's family has an annual campout/bonfire at the family farm where he grew up. Adam's dad takes his grandchildren for tractor rides, and his mom bakes all kinds of Czechoslovakian foods for the grandkids, to share the family heritage. Camille's family goes on a fishing trip every Easter weekend. Her dad is a natural storyteller and cannot wait to take this child fishing! Her mother is a retired art teacher who would no doubt love to teach her new grandchild how to paint and draw.

Adam's Parents With Our Nieces & Nephews

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