Our House and Neighborhood
Our Building

We live in a “walking” neighborhood in Chicago, Illinois: everything we need is within a few blocks. The streets and nearby parks are full of parents with children. We know our neighbors by name, and our best friends live five minutes away. Our friends come over often to share a meal, take an afternoon stroll, or arrange playdates. Every morning, as we walk Matan to his pre-school, we pass by our best friends’ homes, the neighborhood pool, the synagogue where D’ror works, and we even swing right past Wrigley Field - home of the Chicago Cubs! We are committed to raising our children in a lively and diverse community filled with music, spirit, and joy.

We love our cozy home. The open kitchen allows us to entertain friends and family while bustling around with generous dishes and delicious aromas. The living room includes a comfy purple couch and fire-place for the grown ups as well as a fantastic play-area for Matan and his friends complete with toy kitchen, train table, endless dinosaurs and dragons, oodles of stuffed animals, etc. The wooden roof-top deck of our condo has a fantastic view of the city- you can even hear the concerts from Wrigley!

Our Extended Families
David's Family

We both come from big, loving families. David’s parents live in Chicago and his sister, her husband, and his nephew are in Minnesota. Grandma and Grandpa come over to share meals, to babysit, and to have special outings with Matan at least once a week. Matan especially loves baking cookies with Grandma or taking a special trip with her to “the ice cream store.”

D'ror's Family

D’ror’s parents, sisters, and twin nieces live in L.A. Between visits to California and their frequent travels to Chicago, we see them at least 5-6 times a year. Matan is so close with his Bubby, Zaydie, aunts, and cousins: he uses Skype and phone calls to stay connected to them all the time. Matan especially loves building forts, hunting for bugs, and blowing bubbles with his cousins!

We are so blessed to have welcomed Matan through an open adoption process- which means that his birth family is an invaluable part of our lives. Knowing the family he came from and how much they love him is a precious gift for our son. Just recently Matan’s birth-grandparents, his Sabba and Savta, came to visit us in Chicago: we enjoyed a weekend of dinners, playground time, and quality family time.

In our diverse families some are biologically related, others step-family, and others adoptees. We all know that love makes a family; our children will be surrounded by unconditional love and laughter.

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