Our House and Neighborhood
Home Sweet Home

Our home is a fun place to be! We enjoy family dinners together, playing games and watching movies. We also love music! There are lots of musicians in our family so it is common to gather around the piano with guitars and sing together as a family.

We live in a lovely, family-focused neighborhood with several playgrounds, children and pets! We love to sit outside on the patio and grill out. Our neighborhood is surrounded by beautiful parks where we ride bikes. The school system is ranked top in the area and families move to our neighborhood to be part of these amazing schools.

Our church is a thriving community of loving people who are committed to our lives. There are so many amazing events for children at our church. We often participate in fun 5k’s, service projects, amazing dramas and concerts and weekly classes for young children.

We live close to Chicago and have enjoyed seeing the zoo, museums and the fun sites. We love finding the history of the city first hand and trying new restaurants.

Even though we live within driving distance to a big city, we live in a family-focused suburb with lots of outdoor space to play and explore. We love raising our son in a fun, engaging area with other children his age. The playground is just waiting on us to bring our new addition along to join all of the fun!

Our Extended Families
Corey's Family

Our family is big on traditions! We celebrate birthdays and holidays with lots of family, food and fun! We both grew up on big farms with large families with so much love and adventure. Corey is one of seven siblings and his nieces and nephew love to play with their fun uncle! He has had a large role in investing in their lives. We spend several weeks out of the year on the family farm in New Hampshire with loving grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.

Amy's family

Amy’s family enjoys going to the beach together with Papa Joe and Mawmaw who love the grandchildren deeply. Children have brought so much laughter to them and they love to sing, dance and play silly games together. Amy has two married brothers, one of which is also in the process of adopting. We are so excited that our children will have cousins who will also know the special gift of adoption. We also get to spend several weeks of the year in North Carolina with Amy’s family.

We are very close to our families and talk to both sides of the family nearly every day. Our families cannot wait to meet our new addition and they have expressed so much gratitude for you as you consider the incredible decision of adoption.

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