Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

Home is a city in Maine where we get to experience all four seasons, hike in our backyard, drive to the beach in an hour, and get to the ski slopes in less than two hours. We live in a college town and most of our life revolves around the activities of the university. We attend homecoming, all sporting events, parades, and go to the planetarium. There is a lot that the college campus has to offer ranging from 5K's to concerts and many family friendly events. We are very excited to partake in these events with our soon to be little one!

Our townhouse is located off a quiet street, situated amongst a neighborhood with many families with children. The streets are very open and often have children biking, playing street hockey, or basketball. We have a small garden and deck which we take full advantage of during the warm summer months with cool nights. During the winter our community transforms into an icy play land with cross country skiing and snowshoe trails and downhill skiing mountains.

Our Extended Families
Nick's Family

We both come from close families that cannot wait to be "Nonna/Nonno" (Italian for grandma/grandpa) or "Mimi/Papa." They cannot wait to help raise our little one, help support him/her, and watch them grow-up. Nick's family gatherings are always centered on food, playing with the numerous nieces/nephews and cousins, and conversation. All of his family lives close to one another in New York so when we visit we are able to see the entire family. His family is ethnically Italian so most gatherings consist of gathering the family around the table for a meal prepared by his mother. Summer BBQs consist of "Aunt Meg and Uncle Nicky" playing with the ever multiplying family in the yard, never ending conversation, and a night ending with reminiscing around the fire pit.

Megan's Family

Megan's family lives in Missouri, except for her sister that lives in Texas. While her family is separated by a few states they see each other often. Holiday traditions run deep in her family. Whether it's running the annual "Turkey Trot 5K" on Thanksgiving morning or making dozens of sugar cookies at Christmas, these traditions continue on despite the distance between us. Everyone cannot wait to add the joy of a child to these traditions.

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