Our House and Neighborhood
Our Humble Abode

We live in a three-bedroom house that is located in central Illinois. We have a large fenced-in backyard and a large grassy lot to the side of our house, both offering plenty of room for play and outdoor activities.

We are located a few blocks from a zoo, a botanical gardens, a grade school, and several parks. Plus, we have several stores, restaurants, and recreational areas close by. Many are within walking distance, including our favorite ice cream shop and a scenic roadway that we love to walk, ride bikes, and drive on to take in the beautiful scenery.

Our neighborhood is very kid friendly and you can often see many of the neighborhood kids playing in their front yards or riding their bicycles up and down the sidewalks. It also has an active community watch program to help ensure the safety of all residents and children. We believe our community is a wonderful place for a child to grow up in and we cannot wait to raise a family here!

Our Extended Families
Bret's Family

Our families are a huge part of our lives and are very important to us. Bret has one older brother, one step-brother who is the same age, and one older sister. His older brother and sister are both married and have children of their own.

Shane has two older sisters who are both married and also have children of their own. They all live very close to us, including Shane’s mother who lives with us currently.

Shane's Family

Holidays and birthdays are always celebrated and include some of our annual traditions we love sharing together, like Christmas Eve dinner. Holidays are often very busy for us because we have many family celebrations to attend between the both of us. We also all love to get together just to spend time with each other and have fun. This includes our weekly game night, going to concerts, cooking out, or enjoying time on the boat. They are all beyond excited for us to be adopting and cannot wait for a new addition to the family!

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