Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We live in an incredible, growing community in Wisconsin. It is a very family- centered community with an amazing small town "everybody knows everybody" feel. There are always activities and events going on for both kids and adults. Our favorites are the parades and the 4th of July celebration. One of the best parts about our town is the parks! We have three parks within two blocks of our house with more playground fun than you can imagine. There is also a larger park with a lake, river, swimming pool, disc golf course, playground equipment and so much space to run and play! We spend a lot of time outside and walks to the parks are a daily occurrence.

Our home of nine years is located in a quiet part of town close to the elementary school. It is a classic split-level house with a big living room addition on the back. The living room addition, and the backyard are what brought us to choose this home. The living room has a wall of windows overlooking the backyard. It serves as a big, long playroom, which is a perfect place to play when we can't get outside. Our backyard has a nice wooden fence that encloses a beautiful yard, garden, raspberry bushes, strawberry patch and plenty of room to play. Now that Boden is outgrowing the toddler play set, Brian has plans to build an exciting new backyard playground.

Our Extended Families
Alli's Family

We are very lucky when it comes to our extended families. Family is so very important to both of us and we have such amazing and unconditionally supportive people in our lives on both sides. Brian's entire family lives close by and we get to spend a lot of time with them. Brian's family cabin is on a river and is a summer weekend gathering place for his entire family and friends. It is such a friendly, welcoming place where everyone is treated like family!

Our Entire Family

Alli's family is only a three-hour drive away and we are lucky enough to get to see them regularly. Her family has a cottage on a lake "up north", where we vacation for a week with the whole family every summer and make time for a few long weekends throughout the year. There is always a lot of waterskiing, swimming, campfires and fun no matter where we go!

We always love our big family holiday gatherings throughout the year (every holiday big or small is an excuse to gather!). Each one is unique and special. One of our favorites is Christmas with Brian's Grandma, who was adopted herself. She continues her traditional Japanese family stir fry each and every year for the whole family.

Boden is lucky enough to have so much love and support from his Nana, Papa, Grandma, Grandpa and all of his aunts, uncles and cousins. Our entire family is so excited to welcome and love another child.

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