Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We love where we live! We have 20 acres with a large stocked pond. It is so much fun to catch fish on our property. Deer and turkeys are frequently seen as well as ducks and geese on our pond. Our dog, Stormy, has many adventures and we cannot wait to share this home with a child. Nieces and nephews enjoy coming to visit us. Whether it's a day filled with fishing, catching frogs and crawdads or playing in the stream; we have a great time!

Neighbors are nearby and they are all wonderful people. We feel safe and know that they are there for us when needed. We enjoy visiting our neighbors and they all have sweet dogs Stormy adores. They are active people that enjoy the outdoors, just like us.

It is a blessing to live in the Midwest where family is a focus. Living in a rural area where we can be submersed in nature is ideal. It is also nice just being 10 minutes from the city. Many parks, a zoo, shopping and restaurants all within 30 minutes of us. Major lakes are within an hour and many rivers are just minutes from our home. The school system where we live is highly rated and is large enough to offer many opportunities and activities.

Our Extended Families
Family Summer BBQ

We come from close families who are very loving and supportive. Both of our parents are looking forward to welcoming more grandchildren. We love being Aunt and Uncle to our 10 nieces and nephews and are involved in their lives. We are blessed to travel often with family and look forward to future adventures as parents. Outdoor activities at the lake and beach are extra special.

Proud Uncle Scott

We love spending holidays with our families and each have special traditions. White elephant or "Grab Bag" gifting at Christmas is always a fun time. Biscuits and chocolate gravy on Christmas morning is another favorite tradition. The 4th of July is a big celebration of grilling, boating, and watching fireworks on the lake. We are excited to share all of these experiences with this child.

Lyndsey has one brother and Scott has two sisters. All of our siblings are raising young families, so the opportunity for a child to be close to cousins is wonderful. Living near family and friends gives us lots of special time together.

Everyone is so excited for us to become parents and fully support our adoption plan. They cannot wait to be part of this child's life!

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