Our Extended Families
Jonas's Family

We both love spending time with our families as often as we can. Jonas has three brothers; Katherine is the oldest of three girls. Jonas is lucky enough to have his mother and younger brothers nearby, so we hang out with them all the time - baseball games, BBQs, holidays, birthdays. Both of his brothers love spending time with Kaiya too. They all went to the indoor sky diving place (which they loved), Six Flags is a favorite, and they attend all of her school sporting events.

One of Katherine's sisters also lives close by and spends a lot of time with us. We travel together, spend holidays at each other's houses, and Katherine and Kim even belong to the same book club. Katherine sees her mom and youngest sister several times a year, either in Colorado or Georgia. Each year we bring in the new year with homemade pizza, sparkling cider and noisemakers.

Four Generations

We both come from very large extended families. Our cousins are like our siblings. One year, we went to FIVE weddings for our family and friends around the country. It was so much fun, we would say at the end of each trip "see you in two weeks" and everybody would laugh from sheer delight.

Everyone is so excited about our plans to adopt. Katherine's sister sends her nursery suggestions, both grandmas have asked to buy cribs, clothes and other necessities and Jonas's brother and Katherine's sister will both be godparents.

Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We live in a wonderful community. There is a recreation center, swimming pool and park with basketball and tennis courts right in the neighborhood. We regularly walk over to shoot hoops, swim and it's a favorite route for our dogs. Every year, the community celebrates its history as one of the oldest predominantly African American neighborhoods with a parade and festival.

Our house is two stories, three bedrooms and three bathrooms upstairs. We also have a lower area with another bedroom and bathroom. The back yard is fenced in and the front is covered with beautiful 100+ year old trees. Our favorite part of the house is the screened in deck. It's the absolute best way to spend mild Sunday afternoons.

Our neighbors participate in playdates, share tips via our community app, and hold lots of neighborhood events like movies and concerts in the park. Kaiya isn't old enough yet but she's already on the list of future babysitters.

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