Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We live in a house with plenty of room to sprawl out and have fun! Our neighborhood is the type of place where you always see young families walking together, fishing at the lake, swimming at the pool or playing at the playground.

Our home is in a community that is very family-oriented, with excellent schools and lots of things for young children to do. There's always something new to check out each and every weekend--kite festivals, farmers markets, big truck exhibitions, block parties, pumpkin patches, and summer fests. Our area has a beautiful state park system, with lakes and nature trails and even animal conservation areas that we love to explore as a family. On a nice day, we love to go to the state park and bring carrots to feed the protected buffalo and elk, or spend time at the lake on Dana's parents' boat.

We're also about 20 minutes away from a city that has tons to offer: an aquarium, a beautiful train station that offers a free model train exhibit for kids, Legoland, museums and more. This city has so much to offer that you could never get bored.

Our Extended Families
Last Fall with Extended Family

Dana's family is small, but very close. Dana's parents and her brother's family are only 15 minutes away, and they see each other a couple times a week. Dana's parents have a boat, so one of our favorite family activities is to hang out on the lake on a nice day. They also live on several acres of land with a pool and lots of fun outdoorsy things to do, from four-wheeling to fishing on the pond. Dana's folks are the kind of grandparents that grandkids can't wait to hang out with.

Christmas 2016

Dana's brother has a wife and two children, ages nine and two. Dana teaches her nine-year-old niece piano lessons. They also love to shop and do crafts together. Dana's nephew is close in age to our son Theo, so we love to get together to let the boys play.

Eric comes from a humongous, close-knit family. He has one sister who is married with three children, but his mom is one of 10 kids so there are always lots of aunts, uncles and cousins at every family get together. His family lives a few hours away, but we like to drive up to visit several times a year. With a family that size, we tend to have a steady stream of visitors here, too.

Eric's family has a lot of fun traditions, from Pie Night on Thanksgiving to pizza and bingo the day after Christmas. We feel very lucky to have the extended families we have.

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