Our House and Neighborhood
Home Sweet Home

We moved to Alabama from New York several years ago for work. We bought a house without really knowing anything about the area or our neighbors. Talk about lucking out!

We moved into a neighborhood where we were instantly greeted with friendship. We knew more about our neighbors within the first 6 days of moving to Alabama than we learned about the people we shared walls with for six years in New York! We truly enjoy spending time with our neighbors, who have become good friends. Our neighbors were as excited as we were when we adopted Divya. The neighborhood children have made Divya a part of their crew. Summer evenings are filled with outside play time and impromptu pool parties.

Our house is a beautiful 5 bedroom open country-style house. We have lots of space for children to play and grow up in. Our favorite room is the kitchen because it's so warm and inviting. We love to cook so it is the room we spend the most time in, too. We renovated our backyard two years ago so we enjoy spending time in our private oasis. There is a beautiful park with a big playground 5 minutes from us, and the schools in our area are some of the highest-rated in the state. Your child would be surrounded with a loving community and have many opportunities to explore.

Our Extended Families
Monjri & Her Parents

Although we don't physically live close to our families, we are very close-knit. Monjri is originally from Florida, which is where her parents still live. She is the middle child of three and is very close to her sister and brother who live on the West Coast. We all try to get together at least once a year, and we FaceTime regularly. The cousins love seeing each other, especially in person. Monjri's brother and his family are planning to move to Birmingham soon. We are very excited that our children will grow up together!

Fun With Uncle Rajat

Rajat's parents live in New York City and his younger sister lives in San Francisco. Rajat has a lot of extended family that lives in New York, and he grew up with many of his cousins. One of them has an annual overnight Christmas party. Each year there is a theme and a talent show. We can't wait to showcase your child's talents!

Our daughter Divya is a very friendly, curious child. She loves playing with other kids and we know that she will love having a sister or brother. We know how important our siblings are to us, and we can just see Divya and her partner in crime sharing secrets and adventures.

Our families are very excited that we have decided to adopt again to grow our family. They have been extremely supportive throughout our journey and look forward to welcoming the next addition to our family with open hearts and arms.

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