Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

Our community is a relatively new subdivision so there are a lot of young families. The community was designed for this, so there are lots of playgrounds, pools, and top notch schools. There are many children around to meet and become friends with. The community hosts special events for families like camp-out night or outdoor movie night, concerts, and the yearly community fair.

Our house is an end-unit town house in an older part of the community. We chose this house because of the trees in the neighborhood that made it feel more secure and quiet. We also chose it for the big garden space in the back which Kathy has fixed up into a beautiful garden with a small lawn area, flowers and shrubs, and an upper and lower deck. We like to sit outside and eat dinner and watch the hummingbirds visit the flowers. The house has three floors, three bedrooms, and 3.5 bathrooms - we love the natural light on all three levels.

Directly across our quiet street is a playground where people bring their small children every day - some people drive to our playground, but we can just walk over. Once our child gets older, we can walk to other community playgrounds and pools for more activities.

Our Extended Families
Family Christmas Dinner

We both have family near our home. Kathy's mom lives in the next county; she visits regularly and her mom is excited about having a grandchild to spoil. Alex's mom and step-dad also live in the neighboring county. We go to family dinners at each of the mom's houses, and sometimes the moms meet up even without us to talk over lunch. Alex's brother also lives nearby and has two children of his own. Kathy's brother currently lives overseas but Kathy is excited to see how much fun he is going to have being an uncle when he visits.

Kathy With Her Uncle

For holidays, we usually meet up at a family house with extended family from in and out of town. Alex's family has a huge get-together the Saturday after Thanksgiving where everyone gets to catch up over the year. Christmas is done at Kathy's mom's house; Alex's mom's house; and a third, quiet Christmas is celebrated just between us and our cat, Athena.

Our families are very excited about us adding to the group with a child of our own.

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