Our House and Neighborhood
Home Sweet Home

After visiting North Carolina, we knew this was the place to start our family and it’s perfect! Our children will be raised in a 3 bedroom 2 ½ bathroom house in a private community with family three blocks away. The location is family orientated and very safe. Our community has a lot of amenities such as a pool, playgrounds, baseball diamonds, soccer fields, basketball, tennis and volleyball courts, a roller rink, bowling alley, and a disc golf course. The local parks have trails, ride along trains, paddle boats, and fitness stations. Our street has a wide range of children from 1-14 years old. There are children playing outside on any given day riding their bikes, drawing with chalk in the driveways, sitting on lawn giggling and having fun.

We Love Playing at the Park

Once a year our community holds annual Easter Egg hunts, 4th of July and St. Patrick’s day parades, Trunk-or-Treat Events, and Christmas tree lighting ceremonies. We also live five minutes from the NASCAR Motor Speedway where events going on throughout the year. One of our new family traditions is doing 5K run/walk races as a family. Being an active family is a given no matter if it’s going to the park, walking on the trails, running 5K’s or playing kickball in the backyard, we are always doing something.

Our Extended Families
Disney with Amy's Family

Family is the most important part of our lives. Both of us come from close-knit families and have continued to make that our number one priority. Our family is together 3-5 times a week, including holidays, birthdays, special occasions and family vacations. We live three blocks away from Amy’s sister and brother-in-law who have four wonderful children. We have been truly blessed by having them in our daily lives. They are all very anxious to have a new addition to the family!

Will's Mom and Stepdad

Will’s mother and father live in Kentucky and visit often. He has two brothers, one in Kentucky and another in Florida. Amy’s parents are smiling down on us from Heaven. Her brother and sister-in-law live in New Jersey and never miss family functions. Our family enjoys backyard BBQs, bon fires, roasting marshmallows, swimming, vacations, going to the zoo, bike rides, going to the beach, amusement parks, movies, game nights, sporting events, football Sundays, going to church and sleep overs. We pretty much do everything together!

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