Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

Our house is located in one of the top ten school districts in the United States! We have a beautiful home with a very large yard and we cannot wait to have a child to enjoy it all! We have lots of trees and a fence for our dogs. In our neighborhood, there are many young families who regularly go on walks, play in the yard and have get togethers. There are several great parks very close to the house and we take our dogs to one of them 3-4 times a week where we see other families and people playing sports and having parties.

Walking With Hank

Our location offers a lot of opportunities for kids to learn and explore. We live near a major city that is diverse and full of cultural opportunities. The elementary school is less than a mile away and there are a lot of attractions close by including a zoo, museums, sports teams, festivals and more.

We are so excited to enjoy all of the family friendly activities that our city has to offer. We also have many friends in the area, most of whom have small children, and they are all are excited about our family growing!

Our Extended Families
Fun With Family

We both grew up in close, loving families and our parents and siblings all live in the same metropolitan area with us.

Solomon grew up with 2 brothers, always playing sports and hanging out with each other. He bowls in a league with one of his brothers, and Heather's step father and brother. The whole family likes to get together for BBQ's and to hang out with his parents, brothers and 6 nieces and nephews. Solomon's extended family lives in the mid-west and several of Solomon's cousins have adopted in the last few years.

Family Service Project

Heather grew up with a younger brother who she is very close to - he was even the man of honor in Heather and Solomon's wedding! As a kid, her family always had dogs and spent a lot of time playing sports, going to movies, and taking vacations. Heather's family is very excited to have a grandchild in the family and cannot wait for Heather and Solomon to be matched with a birth family. On holidays, all of Heather and Solomon's family members come together to attend church, share large meals, play games and laugh!

Because of our large and loving family, we have a lot of support in our adoption journey and they can't wait to share in welcoming a baby home!

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