Our Extended Families
Backyard Party with Family

Our family is such an important part of our life. Both sets of our parents live close by, which allows us to spend a good amount of time together. We each have one brother. Matt’s brother is married with two boys. Both brothers live further away than we’d like, but we all make an effort to be a part of each other’s lives and visits are frequent. Our family gatherings are always occasions we look forward to, filled with conversation, reminiscing, and most of all laughter. Family to us has always meant warmth, love, respect, acceptance and understanding. It is these shared values that has helped our family create this bond and continue to grow closer as the years go on.

Family Time

When we shared our plans to add to our family through adoption again, the excitement and happiness was overwhelming. Our family is so thrilled to see us become parents again and to see Rowan become a big brother. They all can’t wait to meet our child and welcome him or her into this loving family we’ve all created. Growing up, we both had special relationships with our grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. We are so excited to give these same memories and relationships to our children.

Our House and Neighborhood
Home Sweet Home

Living in our town gives us the best of both worlds. We are located close to three major, but our home is in a small lake community that many people choose as a vacation spot. We are lucky to call it home year-round.

Our home sits on a wooded lot across the street from a large lake. It is a two-story house with three bedrooms. Our favorite room is the family room. With its big fireplace and large windows, the room is cozy and perfect for family gatherings. Just down the road, we have a beautiful park with sand volleyball, picnic areas, and a playground.

Our community is very family-oriented. Throughout the year our area hosts many different festivals for families to enjoy. Some of our favorites are Winterfest in January which showcases amazing ice sculptures, hot chocolate and ice-sailing out on the lake, Corn and Brat Fest in August with delicious Wisconsin corn, fireworks on the lake, and games for kids, and the Antique Boat Show in September with hundreds of wooden boats on display, live music, art shows and boat rides. There are so many activities for families year round - boating, sailing, spending time at the swimming piers, hiking around the lake, farmers markets, hayrides and pony rides, petting zoos, apple picking, skiing and sledding are just some of the things we enjoy. We couldn’t ask for a more friendly and supportive community to raise a child!

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