Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We own a three-bedroom, single-family home in Southern California. We have a very large backyard that we often have family and friends over to enjoy.

Our community has a lot of fun things to do and frequent festivals and events that we really enjoy. There are many food fests where we love to try out new foods. We also love to go to the summer music festivals on the bay and the many cultural events celebrating the wide variety of cultural influences in our community.

During the holidays we head down to the bay to watch the Parade of Lights where many boats get decked out in tons of Christmas lights and fun decorations and cruise around the bay at night.

During the summer there are family movies at the park and we love to take our dog around our neighborhood for walks and meet our niece and nephew at the playground during the week.

Our Extended Families
With Cameron's Family

Natasha's parents and younger brother live fifteen minutes away and we frequently get together for BBQ's. Cameron's father and brother live in another state and we fly out to visit with each other at least once a year. We are very family oriented and enjoy spending time with our parents and siblings. Both of our families are very close and we spend a lot of holidays together. A few years ago we all spent the holidays in Chicago and another year we all met for Christmas in New Orleans.

Natasha With Her Mom & Aunt

Additionally, our close friends and their families live nearby and we frequently get together to spend time with them and our four nieces and nephew. We enjoy taking trips to the zoo, museums, and the park with them.

Because we are a military family, we have a large extended family, so there are many aunties, uncles, great aunts, and close friends that are excited to watch our family grow!

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