Our House and Neighborhood
Christmas is in the Air

We live in Alexandria, Virginia which is an exciting neighborhood that embraces its colonial history and Riverwalk scenery on the Potomac River.

Our three bedroom, three bathroom townhouse is located in a safe and culturally diverse area with dedicated rooms for play as well as both personal and family space. We feel blessed to live in such a unique area.

Just minutes from Washington D.C., we enjoy having lunch on the river and seeing the sights that our nation’s capital has to offer. All the Smithsonian museums, Capitol building, White House, Mt. Vernon, and historical monuments are within a half hour by metro. Alexandria’s location is great for exploring the East Coast. We have taken day trips to the Chesapeake Bay, the mountains in the Shenandoah Valley, and beach communities such as Virginia Beach and Ocean City.

We live within minutes of T.C. Williams High School, a diverse community noted in the film “Remember the Titans.” Neighboring Fairfax County public schools is one of the largest and most supported school districts in the country. Bike trails and public parks are abundant, with three different playgrounds and public spaces within walking distance.

Alexandria is an active community that hosts a number of different fairs and farmer’s markets. The National Mall area in D.C. is very active and a great example of our democracy at work, and also hosts festivals such as the National Kite festival and Cherry Blossom festival.

Our Extended Families
Kara's Big, Supportive Family

We are blessed to have supportive, committed, and loving families. Kara has a very large family, including loving grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins, most of whom live near Chicago, Illinois. Kara is the youngest, with two older brothers. We are close to Kara’s brothers, their wives, and amazing children ... 5 nephews and 2 nieces ranging in age from 5 to 15! We enjoy playing games with Kara’s family. Our favorite is a particular card game that Kara’s Grandmother started and now the whole family plays.

Eli Loves Uncle Brandon!

We are also very close to Brandon’s family. His wonderful parents and two younger brothers all live near Denver, Colorado. Both of his brothers are married. We have a 3 year old nephew and another nephew AND niece on the way! Brandon’s whole family are avid sports fans and we enjoy watching our favorite teams together.

We absolutely love being auntie and uncle to our nieces and nephews as well as to many of our friend’s children. We both grew up with extremely caring families and remain very close today. Although living in a different state, we take regular trips home during the holidays and love hosting friends and family throughout the year.

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