Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We live in a cozy neighborhood, which has a mix of people who have lived here for decades, and young families who have recently bought their first home. Everyone knows each other, and people are extremely friendly (our neighbors brought us homemade cookies the week we moved in, and we have neighborhood block parties), and each house has a backyard with shared fences. Our son loves playing on our backyard deck, or on our swingset. We also frequently use the deck to grill out and eat, with friends or just us. Most of the year, there is the sound of kids and pets, and wonderful smells from gardens and grills. We are walking distance from our area’s most famous ice cream, some fun restaurants, as well as several parks, with playgrounds and community events throughout the summer (concerts, sports, picnics and more). We love our house, which we bought together, and its hardwood floors, the upstairs nursery for our son and his new sibling, and the fireplaces for the winter. We have room for guests, and we often host friends and family from out of town.

Our Extended Families
Laurence's Family

We grew up in very different places and cultures, but both of us highly value family, and are very close with our own and each other’s.

Fun With Grandpa

Laurence's family is a large catholic family from Haiti with French roots, and Josh's is a Jewish family with German and Russian roots. We love visiting Laurence's parents in the mountains of Haiti, and Josh's (and their horses) in Wisconsin. Laurence grew up with lots of cousins around (some of whom were themselves adopted), who were and remain as close as siblings, despite being spread from Canada, to Haiti to Florida.

Both of our families love to eat, and Laurence's brother, sister-in-law and mother celebrated Thanksgiving at Josh's parents’ house in Wisconsin last year. Kids running around are also a constant presence across our extended families. Laurence's parents watch her cousin's kids many days while their parents are at work, and Josh's parents spend two days a week with their two-year-old granddaughter. Our families are so excited to be adding another little one to the mix!

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