Our Extended Families
Out For a Sunset Cruise with Family

We are fortunate to live near Sarah’s warm and caring parents, outgoing sister and brother-in-law; along with our flourishing elementary school-aged nephews and niece. There is always a birthday, baseball game, holiday, or pool party to go to that brings us all together. We have 2 favorite holiday traditions - Christmas Eve with Sarah’s local Texas family and Mother’s Day brunch at our house (pancakes are Jeff’s specialty!). The rest of Sarah’s extended family lives in California, Ohio, Georgia, South Carolina, and Pennsylvania, and we make a point to see as many of them as we can each year! We see Jeff’s family, who live in New Hampshire and Nevada, several times a year for holidays or just spontaneous visits. We are no strangers to travel and can’t wait to include a child in our various types of family gatherings and traditions! Both of our families are so excited to welcome a new addition!

Family & Friends Pool Party

Our House and Neighborhood
Our Modern & Bright Home

We live in a metropolitan suburban neighborhood just a few miles outside of a large, vibrant Texas city. Our neighborhood is a mix of younger and older families of various ethnicities. People are always walking dogs, jogging, and riding bikes in our neighborhood.

Just a block away is an elementary school with an awesome extensive playground. We are fortunate to have several city parks within a few miles of our house. Access to swimming pools, family friendly play areas and hike and bike trails are just a few minutes’ drive away.

One of our favorite things to do is spend time near and on the lake, which is just a 5-minute drive from our house. We are just a short distance from great restaurants - we especially love the ones that are dog friendly! We often take advantage of all the benefits that come with living near a bigger city – museums, the Arts, sporting events, live music, and festivals to name a few!

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