Our Extended Families
Fun Family Photo

We have a large extended family that we love to experience new adventures with. Recently, we all spent time off work and school together. During our time together, we went to the beach and enjoyed snorkeling finding many different fish and sea turtles. In addition to the beach time, we enjoyed hiking, visiting museums, and trying local restaurants.

With Matt's Mom and a Family Friend

One of the best things about our extended families is that we all love to cook. Whether it is a holiday or just a weekend night, we love sharing dishes that have been in the family for generations as well as exploring new recipes. We all enjoy exploring foods from different cultures. Beyond cooking, our families love to share everyday life experiences and our future goals. We enjoy fun activities such as playing catch, basketball, and playing card games.

During the holidays, we always spend time with our families. On one side, we love the Italian tradition of making homemade ravioli as the centerpiece. On the other side of the family, Mom always makes a traditional Dutch meal that includes creative leftover recipes to follow.

Our families are very excited and supportive about us building our family and introducing the newest addition. We both have tremendous support from our families and they look forward to showering this child with love.

Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We love living in the Aloha State of Hawaii. We are thankful to live on a military base where we are surrounded by families of all races and cultures. Being a strong community, we have not only supported many families with a new child but in return many families cannot wait to support this new child. We attend the frequent holiday and special events on base. For example, the lighting of the water tower at Christmas brings the larger community together, with lots of hot chocolate. With our immediate neighbors, we have multiple newborns and small children that we interact with daily. Jon is the fun, playful "uncle" to all the kids, and Matt is the "baby whisperer" who can calm any baby or child who is fussy or upset. We are so excited that there are children of all ages beginning with newborns in our neighborhood to grow up with your child.

Our home is perfectly suited for a child. We are writing this together in the living room with the dogs relaxing next to us. The nursery is across the hall from our room, and there is a third bedroom for frequent visitors. Our favorite room is the combined kitchen and living room where we can both cook or watch the other playing with the new baby. Directly behind our yard is a community playground where we frequently spend time with other parents and their children. Also our community offers elementary schooling, beaches, public parks, a family pool, a library, and family oriented activities.

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