Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We live in Washington state near mountains as well as beaches. There are many places to hike and do outdoor activities year-round.

Our home is fairly new and it has four bedrooms and a den where Christine's piano is. We have a nice patio area and backyard with plenty of grass for outdoor activities. Our house is located at the end of a long driveway which makes it very private and safe for kids to play away from the main street.

Matias Loves Grandpa's Pool

Our neighborhood has many kids and is very close to a nice park. It has a paved trail, a basketball court, and playground equipment. Right next to the park is a family farm. They have horses and cows and sell corn that they grow in the summertime.

Down the street from us is a large complex with baseball, soccer, and football fields. The elementary school is a few blocks away and has a big field with a track.

Christine's parents live 15 minutes away and they have a big backyard with a pool. It's a great place to spend time on a hot summer day.

Our Extended Families
Vacation With Mauricio's Family

We both come from large families. Mauricio has four siblings and Christine has three. Christine's parents and brothers live in the same town as us. We get together for holidays, birthdays, and other activities. We see Christine's parents every weekend at church and Christine's mom takes care of Matías two days a week. One of Mauricio's brothers lives in the same town as well. We have him and his wife over for dinner and to watch soccer games. The rest of Mauricio's family lives in New Jersey, and we visit them very often. When we are with his family, his mom and grandma cook traditional Ecuadorian food. Christine enjoys cooking with them and learn the Ecuadorian recipes. Spanish is Mauricio's family first language and we speak it at home as the main language as it's an important part of Mauricio's culture. Both families have been very supportive about our decision to adopt again and are excited to meet the newest member of our family!

With Christine's Parents & Grandparents

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