Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home in the Spring

If you could peek into our home you would see an energetic young family, loving life and enjoying every moment. In the beautiful Virginia summers, It's common to see us playing in the backyard, heading to the neighborhood pool, or going on tricycle walks to the nearby playground. We love getting "snow days" in the winter and building snowmen, sledding, and warming up by the fireplace. Our favorite part about our neighborhood, though, is our neighbors. Always there to lend a helping hand, our neighbors are quick to watch an out-of-towners home, bring a dinner to someone who is sick, or help with a household project.

Inside our home, we have the perfect space to support a family. With a large open kitchen for family dinners, Paloma enjoys rummaging through the cabinets for the perfect utensil to help Jenelle cook each night. Paloma's favorite spot is her playroom, where she can't wait to show her new sibling all of her toys. With several extra bedrooms, we have lots of space for frequent visits from grandparents and extended family.

Virginia is an excellent place to raise a family. From library story time to block parties and farmer's markets, there is always something to do. We are also fortunate to live close to Washington, D.C., where we visit the zoo and museums. Our community enables us to provide the best of both worlds to a child: a safe, friendly neighborhood and also the ability to experience the cultural resources of the city.

Our Extended Families
Easter Cookies With Family

Family is the most important thing in our lives. Besides having a caring big sister to look after them, our child will be blessed with four devoted grandparents, each couple happily married for over thirty five years. They will also have loving aunts, uncles, and three young cousins.

Holidays together are one of our favorite times of the year. Everybody gathers to celebrate, laugh, and have large family dinners. Paloma, the youngest grandchild, always gathers lots of attention, getting hugs and kisses from the adults while her big cousins show her their new toys and games.

Four Generations

Jenelle's family is very lively with the grandchildren running around and everyone lending a helping hand. At Jerry's parents' house it is much more intimate with a lot of conversation, laughs, relaxation on the porch, and quality time with Jerry's grandmother.

One of the most exciting family activities is our annual trip to the beach with Jenelle's extended family where we take in the warm sun and cool ocean breeze. A typical day includes Jerry getting buried in the sand by the kids, Jenelle teaching them how to fly kites, and capping off the night with a family dinner and ice cream. Our extended families are as excited as we are to welcome a new child into these unforgettable experiences.

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