Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

Our tiny little neighborhood is nestled between horse farms, just minutes south of Cincinnati, in Kentucky. Perfect for making the quietest of days into long-lasting memories! Our 4-bedroom home is situated at the end of a cul-de-sac, with parks, several pools, and ponds nearby to explore!

On any given day, you can see kids riding bikes, or joining in on a game of tag or kickball (parents too!). During summer, the street shuts down for outdoor movie nights, grill outs and games, or we all meet up at the pool for pizza and swimming. If the neighborhood is quiet, we can visit surrounding farms or take the short ride to Cincinnati, where we can explore all that the city has to offer! We love that we live this close to downtown, but still have a small town feel.

Playground Down the Street

Our cul-de-sac is made up of a diverse group of families- a melting pot- which represent so many different backgrounds and cultures. There are also several adopted families, which have been great support for a family like ours. Our neighbors have all been so open and willing to reach out to us, answering questions, and helping us to be the best parents we can for Gracie. It’s a wonderful neighborhood and a great place for kids to grow up.

Our Extended Families
Silly Christmas with Scott's Family

We both come from large, LOUD, families that love to be together. Most of Scott’s family lives right-around the corner, making our nightly neighborhood walks more like a family reunion! Matt’s family lives farther away, but we still see each other quite a bit. Whether it’s a planned event, or a last minute get-together, we’re always making memories!

Scott is the oldest of 5 and Matt is the youngest of 4 (including his twin brother). It’s not uncommon to see everyone playing a game of whiffle-ball or soccer, or a silly board game! Sometimes, at the pool, we even make up our own games to play!

With Matt's family

Scott’s mom cares for Gracie and babysits while we’re at work. Her aunts and uncles are always picking her up just to spend time bonding. Even her great-grandma, GiGi, loves spending time with Gracie, passing along family traditions- like baking bread. We know how important family is, and this family can’t wait to welcome another member!

Between the two of us, we have 15 nieces and nephews! Like siblings, they are growing up and being raised together, playing a major role in each other’s lives. And like siblings, they will create their own memories building forts, sleep overs, and family trips together. Your child will always have lots of trusty sidekicks to make ordinary moments extraordinary!

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