Our Extended Families
We Love Spending Time with Adam's Family!

Molly's family is very close. Her sister, brother-in-law, and nephew live about ten minutes away and we see them often. Her parents and brothers live about two hours away, and we enjoy frequent weekend trips to visit one another. Her brother has two children as well, and her parents are thrilled to be grandparents. As adoptive parent themselves (one of Molly's brothers is adopted), they have been a huge source of support and advice as we go through the adoption process. Molly's extended family is huge! Her mom has 15 siblings which means Molly has 40 first cousins on that side alone. There is never a dull moment when the family gets together!

A Fall Football Game with Molly's Family

Adam has two sisters. Both are married and have children - one of his sisters has a son, and the other has three girls. His parents are amazing and loving grandparents, and we can't wait to add another child to the fun and noise at every family gathering! In addition to a close immediate family, Adam is also very close to his extended family. He has a number of cousins that live nearby who also have children, and we enjoy celebrating holidays and special occasions with them. Adam is also lucky to still have all four of his grandparents. We consider ourselves very fortunate that our child will know his or her great-grandparents!

Our House and Neighborhood
We Love Our Home!

We love our home! It's a newer ranch style home in a suburb of a major metropolitan area. Our favorite part of our home is our sun porch, where we spend most evenings in the summer. We spend the winter by our fireplace. Our neighborhood is peaceful, with lots of families and children nearby. A walking path surrounds our neighborhood where we walk our two dogs every night. There is a nature preserve as well as two parks within walking distance, and the public library is a two-minute drive from our home.

We live near a major city that is diverse and full of cultural opportunities. There are museums and zoos, as well as numerous seasonal festivals and events. We are so excited to rediscover our city and all of the family friendly activities it has to offer. We also have many friends in the area, most of whom have small children who are very excited about a new playmate!

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