Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We live on a kid-filled cul-de-sac in a community where you always see the neighborhood kids playing basketball, football, riding bikes or just running back and forth from each other's houses. We love our neighborhood especially because there is a diversity of people from all over the country and world. Our community is strong and very welcoming to new members and celebrating birthdays and new baby arrivals! We gather for most holidays - 4th of July, memorial day, Thanksgiving, and often have summer barbecues as a group. We have a number of playgrounds very close by and a community pool. We live in a 5 bedroom open-plan house. The kitchen/family room is the hub of activity and where we spend most of our time. We love to cook together, play games and run around in our backyard kicking a ball or just watching the leaves blow in the trees. Kate is passionate about gardening and spends a lot of time planting and has loved including Luke to teach him how things grow. Mike is master of the grill and we both really enjoy having friends and family over with their kids for barbecues. We spend a lot of time in our home as a family and work to make sure it is filled with joy, laughter and love.

Our Extended Families
Kate's Family

We are both from close-knit, loving and supportive families that differ only in size. Mike's family is small including his brother, his wife and their two kids. Having lost both of his parents, Mike and his brother make seeing family a priority. Kate also has one sibling - her sister with her husband and two kids. Kate' extended family is very close and large! She is one of 19 first cousins and has 10 aunts and uncles and of course Kate's mom - Luke's "Lulu." Mike's family lives in North Carolina and Kate's family between Virginia and Connecticut. While we don't live right down the street, we see our families every other month and most holidays.

Mike's Family

We gather in Connecticut to see all the cousins and family twice year and then Lulu comes to see her grandson often. We make the trek to Virginia and take vacations with Kate's sister's family and also with Mike's brother and family.

Christmas is a special holiday in our house that is always spent with family. Last Christmas it was in Connecticut surrounded by family and 17 stockings on the mantle. There is nothing better than being reminded what holidays are about - family and spending time together. Luke is a lucky boy to have so much love surrounding him and our families cannot wait for us to welcome an adopted child into our lives. They and we are waiting with open arms.

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