Our Extended Families
With Andy's Family in Italy

We are blessed with an extremely close-knit, rather funny, and adventurous extended family. About twice a year, there is an international trip with Andy’s side of the family. This past summer, the 18 of us spent 10 days staying in a large villa in Italy together. The cousins enjoyed swimming together, performing made up plays, learning to make pasta, eating gelato, and just hanging out. The entire family spent days exploring Italian cities and nights playing games such as Who’s in the Bag, a silly variation of charades. We don’t really notice the distance between the family, as we stay in touch with frequent Skype chats and visits, but there is something special about the times when we can all get together.

British Cousins

Mary’s side of the family is mostly in the New England area, which means lots of visits and trips with relatives. Just this summer, we enjoyed listening to an outdoor music concert, being amazed at the circus, running around museums, celebrating birthdays, eating many meals (our family likes food), climbing in playgrounds, playing and singing music, attending weddings, going to fairs, and otherwise just enjoying special time with each other.

All of the extended family is beyond excited with our plans for welcoming a child to join in the fun and laughter!

Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We live in a spacious home in a wonderful, family-oriented neighborhood in Massachusetts. Our home is walking distance to excellent schools, multiple playgrounds, ponds, walking paths, and coffee shops. The best part is that just down the street is our town beach on a big lake where the children love to build sand castles while watching the boats.

With such an active family and very flexible work schedules, we are lucky that our area has so many family-centered adventures to offer. You will find us feeding animals at the local farm, apple picking in the fall, going to strawberry festivals, checking out the latest exhibits at the various children’s museums, reading books at the local library, taking the train to Boston to attend cultural events, jumping around at the indoor play centers, or just eating at the local farmer’s markets.

The Local Children's Museum

When we are home, most of our time is spent in the backyard with the boys playing on the swing set or in the sand box while we barbecue or entertain family and friends. Our favorite room inside is definitely our comfy basement playroom where the children build lego structures, read books, make forts, solve puzzles, play with train sets, or dance. Otherwise, we will be busy doing arts and crafts, cooking, or acting out a play in our large living room. We are blessed to have such a perfect place to live and raise a family.

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