Our Extended Families
Family Reunion

We are blessed to have two incredibly loving and supportive families. Josh S. has a big family. His parents live in Las Vegas, Nevada where he was born and raised. He has seven siblings, who are spread throughout the country, and over thirty nieces and nephews ranging in age from one to eighteen!

Josh J.'s family, from Rhode Island, is a bit smaller but just as close. He has one brother who is married and has one daughter. Josh loves spending time with his only niece.

Christmas with the Family

Our families have different holiday traditions, but the general themes of everyone being together and sharing precious moments apply to both. Josh S.'s family loves playing board games of all types. It can get very competitive but is always fun. Both families have a sweet tooth, so sugar is always a very big part of every holiday.

Our extended families are loving and inclusive and anxiously awaiting the addition of our baby. Both families visit often and love to sight-see and spend time with us. Between grandparents and siblings, we already have a newborn babysitting plan in place. Thankfully, our home is large enough to house the couple of extra adults who cannot wait to babysit. Both of our families see children as an important part of married life and have embraced our decision to adopt a baby.

Our House and Neighborhood
Front Yard

We live in a fun and diverse community in Washington, DC with lots of young kids and family events, including a monthly dance/jazz event for kids and an annual parade. We love the area because we can walk or take public transportation to almost everything. There are a lot of playgrounds and even a small waterpark nearby, as well as many schools within a short walking distance. There is also a neighborhood swimming pool that is especially packed in the warm weather.

On the Porch

We live in a renovated seven room house. The first floor has an open plan, which is perfect for a child. The second floor has four bedrooms and the baby will sleep in a room in close proximity to our room. Summer is a great time of year in our neighborhood, as we have hanging plants on our front porch and flowers planted in the front of our house. We even put flowers around the sidewalk, because we really enjoy making our house and neighborhood look attractive. Our fenced-in backyard will be a perfect place for our child to play.

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