Our Extended Families
Turkey Trot with Family

Our families have never failed to show us unconditional love and support. We feel that we will be able to provide the same to our future child if you choose us to be adoptive parents. They will have 2 sets of grandparents with enormous hearts. Their excitement and outpouring of love over our plan to adopt has truly humbled us.

Brian is the oldest of 3 brothers. Joey is a pastor and his wife, Carrie, stays at home with their 3 wild, beautiful children that cannot wait for a cousin to love and play with. Curtis and his fiance, Brittaney, are Army sergeants and have both been through recent deployments to the Middle East. Andrea is the oldest of 2, and her younger brother Paul is a musician, touring the U.S. throughout the year with a variety of music groups. Everyone is so excited to welcome a little one into our family!

Christmas with Andrea's Family

Almost everyone lives within an hour drive and we get together often. Family holiday celebrations are a must, Thanksgiving and Christmas are spent with a very full house and more laughter than you can imagine. This year, we ran a family Turkey Trot 5K with Brian's siblings before coming home to cook together for a dual-family feast!

Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We live in a larger city in Wisconsin, in a suburban neighborhood with friendly neighbors and a great park just at the end of our block. We're just a short drive from an incredible children's museum, beautiful zoo, and multiple swimming pools and splash pads, where we love to go with our niece and nephews. We love to explore the local farmer’s market, go to outdoor concerts, and take in all the great summer festivals that our beautiful city has to offer. Also, we have many opportunities to attend neighborhood festivals, events, and activities in our area that are perfectly suited to families and children of any ages.

Our home has 3 bedrooms and a big kitchen where we love to cook together. Our living room is inviting and cozy. We also have a great finished basement that's perfect for our family gatherings and watching football and hockey games with our friends. We tend a large backyard garden in the summer and love to grow new and unique veggies (tomatillos, this year!). Our fenced in yard is perfect for our dogs to run and has a hill for sledding, along with plenty of play space. We are so excited to share our home and what makes our city special with a child!

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