Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

Imagine a neighborhood where all of the homes are uniquely designed, nature prevails, you don't have to lock your doors, your neighbors are friendly, you can hear the sound of waves crashing, and the beach is only a short walk away. That is where we live! We absolutely love our home, which was built in a former ski community. We are nestled on sand dunes, with a partial view of the lake, in a house that we renovated to fit our family needs (including the arrival of a new family member!). There are two parks for children, basketball and tennis courts, a soccer field, and dozens of hiking trails, as well as a semi-private community beach.

We bought the "ugliest" house in the neighborhood and over the past two years, turned it into a nautical oasis. We now have neighbors stop us to complement the house, which is uniquely designed for us. There are starfish in every window, seashells in every room, and live plants throughout to promote a healthy environment and create a calming presence.

Our Extended Families
With Angel's Family

Even with our family disbursed throughout the US, we have a close-knit and loving relationship with our immediate and extended families. Angel has family across the East Coast, including her twin sisters who are in college, her brother who lives on a houseboat in the Carolinas, and her mom who lives near the ocean in Florida. Angel's mom instilled her love for the beach in her children, who all appreciate having their feet in the sand and enjoy all bodies of water - from lakes, oceans, to the seas. Cory's family has roots throughout the Midwest, including his mom, sister, and father who all live within a short driving distance.

Cory With His Sister & Niece

Having family throughout the US gives us a reason to travel, which is our favorite family activity. This geographic dispersion also makes us unique as we both have different perspectives based on the geography, socioeconomic, political, and cultural variations that helped form our personalities and now makes us more open-minded to other points of view.

Our families are tremendously supportive of our adoption journey, and have committed to provide support throughout the process.

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