Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We live in a big beach city in southern California.

We recently purchased our home and did so knowing we wanted to expand our family. We live in a quaint 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath home that is set off the main street behind another house. The pathway that leads back to our home is lined with palm trees and lush green landscape. Our home is often filled with music, laughing and the smells of bacon, it is our happy place.

We live in a beautiful neighborhood that is surrounded on all sides by elementary, middle and high schools. Every morning our streets are flooded with kids, backpacks on, walking to school.

Our house is steps away from several parks and a neighborhood pool. The area also boasts lots of great walking trails that we often explore on the weekends. We are looking forward to bundling up our baby in a stroller and walking our neighborhood regularly. As they grow older we can't wait to utilize the parks and pool that our niece and nephew already enjoy so much when they are over.

The community is a great place to raise kids. Our neighborhood comes alive on Halloween with houses going all out on spooky decorations and hordes of children hunting for candy. It seriously looks like something out of a movie! During Christmas, the homes on our street are decked out in lights. We can't wait to drive around with our child "oohing and awwing" at the holiday goodness.

Our Extended Families
With Megan's Parents

When Abraham asked Megan to marry him he did so at his parent's house, surrounded by both sets of immediate family. After she said yes, as a surprise, all of their friends and additional family were waiting in the wings ready to celebrate. The fact that Abraham incorporated everyone so seamlessly into an important event in our lives illustrates how much value we place on our relationships with our family.

Abe's Family

Abraham comes from a large family, lots of aunts, uncles and cousins, who all live blocks from each other. We spend a lot of our time attending family birthday parties and enjoying barbecues in his parent's backyard. His parent's backyard is a gorgeous space that his dad has put a lot of effort into, it is covered in bougainvillea plants, has a charming tree swing that the kids love to swing on and a fire pit that the adults love to congregate around. His family is loud, loving and make the best food!

Megan's immediate family lives close too and her sister's children are the light of our lives. We love taking our niece and nephew to the pool, the zoo or movies. They are both extremely excited for a cousin! Megan's family enjoys attending baseball games and dinners out together. Their favorite holiday tradition is a Christmas cookie decorating contest that her dad judges. Her family is close-knit, supportive and enjoy life!

Everyone is excited and supportive of our adoption plans. They can't wait to expand the family.

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