Our Extended Families
Celebrating Christmas with Both Sides of the Family

We are very lucky to have a wonderful family and a close group of friends. Both of our extended families get along well, which sometimes leads to large, joint events.

Nicki’s parents and brother live on and operate a beautiful cattle ranch in the mountains. It is a common destination for both of our extended families. We love visiting them and hiking to the remote mountain lakes and helping with farm chores. Nicki and her cousins were very close growing up and had many fun, muddy adventures playing in the fields. We are all excited for the next generation of exploits!

Hanging Out with Our Niece and Nephew

Kevin's parents and many aunts and uncles are an easy journey from our home. We get together with Kevin’s parents regularly for dinner, conversations and other activities. Kevin’s older sister and her family live a few states away, but we recently had a fun sleepover with our 9 year-old niece building cardboard houses for her imaginary fairy friends.

We consider our closest friends family too and have many traditions, including getting together annually for our friend’s themed Halloween celebration and spending New Year’s Eve at a mountain cabin. They are just starting their families as well, so it will be even more raucous fun with all the kids of a similar age!

Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

Our city, although mid-size, has all the charms of a small town - a sense of community, family activities and rural surroundings. In the summer, children play in the town square and run through the fountains. Year-round, families and couples of all cultures gather together for main street events. We live a few blocks from the community pool and parks and only a mile from the buzz of downtown. We’re also a short drive to hiking trails, nature parks and a reservoir with access to pedal boats, swimming, and kayaking.

A Spot to Relax in Our Backyard

Our neighborhood is lively with children outside playing, mariachi music, and family gatherings. We fell in love with our home because it came with a very large backyard for us to make our own. Since moving in, we have enjoyed transforming the yard into an inviting gathering place for family and friends and love hosting BBQs and outdoor games. We can envision our children running around in the newly planted grass, helping pick vegetables in our garden, playing cornhole and chasing the cats around the yard. When we are not playing outside, we are cooking meals together or watching movies in our cozy house. It has a spacious living room, lots of light, and 3 bedrooms - one of which is the perfect size for a child.

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