Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home is in a Quiet & Beautiful Neighborhood

We love the neighborhood we live in. Our home is in a country subdivision that is quiet and has green space for children and families to play. We are only 15 minutes away from an urban area-- we feel as if we have the best of both worlds. Our neighborhood has sidewalks for walkers and bike riders and there are children playing outside on a daily basis. There are parks and outdoor swimming pools within five minutes from our house. Our backyard is on a hill and we can already envision summertime slip and slides and winter sledding adventures with our child.

Our Beautiful View

Our community is supportive of families. There are numerous sporting activities that children in our community can participate. There is a lovely library a short distance from our house with children's activities and quiet areas for us to explore new adventures in books.

Our home is a sunny three-bedroom, two-bath home with a walkout basement. We have a double deck back porch where we love to grill out or enjoy the sunsets. Our home is a peaceful getaway from the outside world. It is truly a place that we can relax and enjoy time with family and friends.

Our Extended Families
With Family at Our Wedding

We are thankful to have both of our families near us. Our immediate family lives within about an hour from our home and we see many of our family weekly for lunch, shopping, or just to hang out. We love to play cards with our family. One of our favorites is Kings Corner's which Keri's family has been playing since she was a child. We have two favorite traditions in our family surrounding Christmas. Each year we look forward to preparing homemade spaghetti while we decorate our Christmas tree and Christmas crafting with our extended family. This tradition is very special to us as we include special memories in our craft each year. We also enjoy watching sporting activities with our family. Both watching our niece and nephews play soccer and watching our collegiate teams play. We have season tickets to sporting events within our community and usually make a family night or date night to watch them play. Our family is supportive of our plan to adopt and is excited to meet and love a new addition to the family. Our nephews ask us on a regular basis when their new cousin is coming and if they can teach them to play soccer and card games. Keri's mom is already quilting a baby blanket and other items for our future child. Terry's family is looking forward to having their first grandchild join the family.

Christmas Crafts

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