Our Extended Families
Corianne with Her Parents and Sister

Family is very important to both of us! Corianne has three brothers and one sister. Corianne's parents live twenty minutes from us on a farm. Our son, Noah, loves hanging out at their farm because they have horses, cows, chickens and even a llama! There is so much room to run and papa takes Noah all over to work, to learn, but most importantly to have fun. Corianne's brother also lives close and is a fun uncle that loves to play with kids and take Noah hiking. Her other siblings live in various states but visit often. The family gathers at holidays and there is always tons of love, laughter, and maybe a little chaos A tradition in Corianne's family is to play football or soccer when everyone is home together. There may not be tons of skill for the games, but always a lot of fun and laughter.

At the Lake with Ryan's Family

Ryan's parents live several hours away and come and visit about once a month. We have so much fun during their visits playing board games, camping, fishing, and going to sporting events. Once a year we go to a Wyoming Cowboys football game together. We enjoy a day of cheering, laughter, and of course good food. Ryan's sister has 3 children and they visit often. Our son loves sledding, building snow huts, swimming, and just playing with his cousins. Both families are so excited to have another baby to love!

Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We live in the wonderful state of Wyoming. There are many places to go hiking, fishing, and places to enjoy the outdoors. We live in a small culturally diverse community. It has activities aimed toward engaging and educating children including an aquatic center, a children's museum, several community parks, vacation bible school and so many other events. There are also many annual events including hot air balloon launch, Easter egg hunts, books and breakfast, and a Fourth of July parade.

We have a 3-bedroom home that is cute, quaint, and perfect for another baby. There are many kids in our neighborhood and our house is the place for soccer, playing games, and even cooking with the neighborhood kids. We love our back yard, it is large with a swing set, sand box, and a little place for the kids to have a hide out. A preschool, elementary school, park, and pediatric office are all within a few blocks. This small community is a great place to raise children!

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