Our Extended Families
Our Crazy Family at Our Wedding in Mexicoi

We have a big family, which to us includes some very close friends. Although most of them live several states away, we are fortunate in that we are able to still see each other often! Our family has been unbelievably supportive of our adoption plan and they are (almost) as excited as we are.

Ted's Family

Much of our family time is spent on 'the farm' where Amy's parents and younger sister live. We fish, build forts, have bonfires, ride go-carts, and have big dinners in 'The Barn' telling stories, playing games, and watching movies. We were recently back on the farm with Amy's whole family, including her oldest sister's children. Our 5-year-old niece was the only one brave enough to reach under the mama chick to check for eggs, she's fearless! We also found some new chicks had hatched and rescued a baby kitten that had gotten lost in the corn field. There is always an adventure!

This past summer we went to Europe with Amy's parents and her younger sister. We had an absolute blast spending most of our time walking around exploring, traveling, and of course, eating! Amy's family has been going to Mexico almost yearly for nearly 10 years! Ted has been going along for the last 7 and this last year we were able to bring his family when we had our wedding there! We cannot wait to go on more adventures in the future bringing our child to share the excitement with!

Our House and Neighborhood
Home Sweet Home

We love our cozy apartment that allows us to focus on what we really enjoy. We are thankful for the time we get to spend together relaxing, eating, and hanging out at home. Our complex is big, but it's spread out nicely with lots of space for the many families and dogs that live here. Less than a block away is a big open area where the neighborhood families go for walks and stop to play. It is full of kids and dogs playing almost every night of the week.

One of our favorite parts of our home is our patio which overlooks the mountains and open farmland on one side, (lately you can hear the baby goats and cows!), and the open area on the other. Amy will sit with a good book and tea in the mornings and evenings, while Ted enjoys his coffee and takes in the view!

We live just outside the mountains in Colorado in a town that has plenty to offer without being too big. There are constantly family-friendly activities in town that we can't wait to do with a child. There is a petting zoo in a local park, several splash pads for the dry, hot summer days, and lots of recreational activities including dance, music, sports, and more. Being a little over an hour away from a major city, we get a lot of great plays and concerts, which we love!

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