Our House and Neighborhood
Our Home

We live in a quiet, family-friendly neighborhood in a suburb of Minneapolis. Our house is built on a forested hill and overlooks a lake that bustles with fishing, boating, and swimming. A busy downtown area is only fifteen minutes away, so sporting events, theatre, and great restaurants are not far. A five minute walk down the trail will take you to a neighborhood park with basketball hoops, playground equipment, barbecue pits, and a beach with lifeguards.

We chose to move to this neighborhood because of its access to nature as well as closeness to the city. It was also very important to us that there be great schools nearby. Our home is zoned to one of the best public school districts in Minnesota - one known for its excellent academics, tremendous community support, and high-quality teachers.

Our house is a contemporary style home with 5 bedrooms. Our favorite room is the kitchen, where we spend almost every evening cooking a meal together and discussing how our days went. There are large open spaces for kids to play and for us to host family and friends. Design is important to both of us, so we enjoy keeping the inside and outside of our home looking nice.

We love our home and neighborhood and cannot wait to share them with a child.

Our Extended Families
Friends & Family at Our Wedding

We are fortunate to have grown up in families that were kind, hard-working, spiritual, and generous. Our parents instilled strong values in us and we aim to grow our family on those same values.

Nick grew up in a small, lake town in Northern Minnesota. His parents and sister still live there and run their own businesses. We go up north to visit them at least four times a year. Highlights of our trips include pontoon boat rides on the lake, playing with our nephews and niece, picking fresh food from the garden, and trips to the coffeeshop where everyone knows your name.

Train Ride With Our Nephew

Nick's brother lives in a suburb near us in Minnesota. He has young children and we love spending time with them on the weekends. Being uncles has been an important part of our lives, and has fueled our own desire to become parents.

Alvin grew up in a suburb of Houston, Texas to parents who immigrated to America from India. His parents are retired and still live there. They travel all over the word as retirees, but their favorite thing to do is spend time with their grandchildren. His sister also lives in Houston with her young son. Alvin's brother lives near Orlando, Florida with his family. We visit Houston at least three times a year, and Alvin's family visits Minnesota, too.

Our families are looking forward to meeting and embracing a new baby into their lives.

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